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Are Scars Affecting Your Appearance?

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Scars are often constant reminders of a traumatic event. They can rob you of your self-esteem and make you feel less attractive. Whether you have scars from acne, an injury, or previous surgery, some procedures can smooth your skin, making the scar less visible. If you want to improve your appearance and you are in Nashville scar revision is available from Dr. Kate O’Connor, a member of the American Academy of Facial Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery and one of the few female plastic surgeons in Nashville.

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What is Scar Revision?

Nashville Scar Revision

Scar excision is the surgical removal of your old scar. Keloids and hypertrophic scars can be removed if steroids have softened and flattened them but not completely eliminated them. Scars from surgery or injury that healed but not in an aesthetically pleasing way can also be removed and precisely repaired to be unnoticeable.

Scar revision treats scars to make them less noticeable. Scar revision cannot eliminate the scar, but the goal is to make scars as inconspicuous as possible. Scars can be raised or depressed. They often are of a different color or texture from the tissue around them. In Nashville scar revision from Dr. O’Connor can be accomplished through several techniques including the following minimally invasive procedures:

Subcision is a minor surgical procedure that is primarily used to treat acne scars. It can also treat scars from chickenpox, surgery, and other wounds. In addition, subcision can improve the look of wrinkles. This treatment uses a small needle, inserted into your skin under the scar. The needle loosens the fibers that connect the scar to the tissue below. As a result, the production of collagen is triggered. Collagen is the protein in our tissue that helps with recovery and healing. With this scar revision option, healing time is minimal and due to the stimulation of collagen production, improvements continue after the healing process is complete.

Steroid injections are used primarily to treat hypertrophic and keloid scars. Both types of scars produce excessive amounts of collagen. Hypertrophic scars tend to show up soon after the injury. Keloids may start forming as late as a year after. Steroids are injected directly into the scar. Steroids can slow excess collagen formation, resulting in a flattening and softening of the scar so that it blends in with the tissue around the scar.

Dermabrasion or dermaplaning is a controlled surgical scraping of the top layers of the skin using a specially designed handheld wire brush or a diamond wheel with a rough edge. The new skin will be smoother and rejuvenated. Dermabrasion is especially effective on acne scars and chickenpox marks. It is ideal for those with lighter skin tones.

Benefits of Scar Revision

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The benefit of scar revision depends on the type and extent of the scar and the technique used to improve the appearance of the scar. Scar revision procedures can make scars considerably less conspicuous. They can also smooth out the texture of the scar, allowing it to blend in with the surrounding tissue.

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Am I a Candidate for Scar Revision?

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You are a good candidate for scar revision if you are healthy with no underlying conditions that might make healing difficult. It is important to have a realistic expectation of what your skin will look like after the scar revision procedure.

If you smoke, you will need to quit before the scar revision since smoking will reduce your ability to heal. Active acne or any other skin disease will make you less likely to be able to have scar revision. Dr. Kate O’Connor strives to offer the best scar revision Nashville has to offer and has a holistic approach to healing that will improve your results significantly.

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What Happens During Scar Revision Procedures?

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Dr. O’Connor will first spend time listening to what you hope to see after scar revision. She will evaluate your overall health. She will also ask about any medications and supplements you are taking.

She will determine based on these factors and the type, size, and color of the scar which scar revision treatment will best fit your situation. Before the scar revision procedure begins you will be given either local anesthesia or sedation and twilight anesthesia. The process will depend on the technique used. With subcision, Dr. O’Connor will insert the needle under the scar to break up the connection between the scar and the tissue underneath. With steroid injections, again a needle will be used, but directly into the scar.

In the use of dermabrasion, Dr. O’Connor will move the handheld scraping device across the skin to surgically remove the scar for scar excision, Dr. O'Connor will precisely cut out and meticulously camouflage and repair where the scar used to be. Some scars will need a combination of techniques. Dr. O’Connor will provide you with detailed instructions for your recovery. Follow-up visits and, if needed, additional treatments will be scheduled.

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What Can I Expect During Recovery from Scar Revision?

Recovery in Nashville

Recovery depends on the amount of scarring that is treated and what technique was used. You can expect a day or two of discomfort and may have some discoloration in the few weeks after your procedure.

These consequences are usually minimal and fade soon after the scar revision procedure. In dermabrasion, the new skin may be pink for several weeks. Because Dr. O’Connor employs a natural, holistic approach to healing including alternative practices such as regenerative healing which stimulates your body’s healing mechanisms, you may find that your scar revision recovery time is shorter.

What Results Can I Expect from My Scar Revision?

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Although scar revision is not able to completely remove a scar, you should notice that the scar has faded. It will be less obvious and will blend in better with the surrounding skin after scar revision. The diminishing of those reminders of injury can increase your self-confidence.

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Why Should I Go to Harmony Facial Plastic Surgery for Scar Revision?

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Due to her extensive plastic surgery experience as well as her natural method of healing, Dr. O’Connor can reduce the appearance of any scars that bother you. If you are looking for scar revision in Nashville, contact Dr. O’Connor for a consultation to determine which type of scar revision treatment is right for you.

When you decide to explore the surgical refinement of a facial feature, our goal at Harmony Facial Plastic Surgery is to begin your journey as a united team. We take our role in your care, happiness, and confidence to heart and strive to make your entire experience smooth and empowering. We will answer all your questions and help you understand your options to make the best decisions for yourself with a clear vision of your aesthetic goal in mind. We’re here to help you achieve your most confident self.

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