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Hair Restoration In Nashville

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What Happened to Your Healthy Head of Hair?

Harmony Facial Plastic Surgery In Nashville

Over the last few years, you may have noticed that your hair has lost its volume. Or maybe you see bald spots. Or your hairline has receded. You have tried the shampoos and topical treatments, and although they may have slowed down some of your hair loss, you may be ready for a more dramatic and longer-lasting change. Hair restoration is provided by Kate O’Connor, MD, who specializes in a natural approach to restoring your healthy, fuller head of hair with results that will last. She strives to deliver the best hair restoration Nashville has to offer!

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What is Hair Restoration?

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You may have noticed that you lose hair from the top of your head, never from the sides. The hair on the top is more likely to thin and fall out because it is genetically different from the rest of the hair.

Hair restoration through Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT) uses a strip technique in which Dr. O’Connor removes a strip of skin from the side or back of your head. Sometimes the back or chest is used. The strip is divided into units, and those units are then inserted into the area being treated. Since the donor areas of hair are different from those on the top of your head, they are less likely to fall out.

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Dr. O’Connor also uses Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) injections. With this process, blood is drawn from your arm, spun out in the lab to separate the platelet-rich layer. That plasma is put into a syringe and injected into areas of your scalp where hair growth is needed. The result is the stimulation of new growth. Hair restoration through FUT and PRP are available from Dr. Kate O’Connor at Harmony Facial Plastic Surgery in Nashville, TN.

Benefits of Hair Restoration

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Although bald heads can be attractive, if you prefer the way you looked when your hair was full, you may find that hair restoration can bring back a sense of self-confidence. Unlike the use of topical treatments, hair restoration using FUT is a permanent solution. PRP is not permanent but can improve the health of your follicles, making it more likely that you will see new hair growth. Follow-up treatments can bring about more long-lasting changes.

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Am I a Candidate for Hair Restoration?

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The best candidates for hair restoration are men who have male pattern baldness that started some years ago. If the strip technique is used, your donor site’s hair needs to be healthy. Other candidates are people who have suffered some sort of trauma that caused hair loss. Most women who experience hair loss do not have bald spots that can be helped by the FUT method, but PRP treatment is helpful for a loss of volume and hair shedding that is usually evenly distributed throughout the hair. If you have noticed a widening part, PRP may be a solution.

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What Happens During a Hair Restoration Procedure?

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If you are looking for hair restoration in Nashville, you will initially meet with Dr. O’Connor, who will analyze your hair and scalp and discuss your rate of hair loss.

She then will determine which technique will be best for your needs. If the strip technique is indicated, she will choose the best donor sites for the procedure. If the FUT method is used, the donor site and the treatment site are cleansed and numbed. Our Nashville hair restoration patients can request anesthesia if needed, including twilight anesthesia. The strip is removed, and the donor site is closed with stitches. Then the strip is divided into tiny grafts with just a few hairs on each.

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Each graft is placed into small holes or slits in the treatment area. Depending on the size of the transplant area, the process may take up to eight hours. Finally, the surgical sites will be covered with bandages or gauze. If you are having PRP injections, Dr. O’Connor will first take blood from your arm and put it into a centrifuge to extract the part of your blood that is rich in platelets. She then injects this plasma into your scalp.

What Can I Expect During Recovery from a Hair Restoration?

Recovery in Nashville

The recovery process depends on the type and amount of treatment done. There is no downtime with PRP, but there may be slight tenderness at the injection sites. With the strip technique, you may have some swelling and soreness at both the donor and treatment sites. You will need to wait a few days before washing your hair.

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You should be able to return to normal activities in a few days. Dr. O’Connor follows a holistic, integrative approach to recovery from any procedure which will significantly improve your hair restoration recuperation. She recommends therapies such as acupuncture and supplements to speed up the healing process and reduce pain.

What Results Can I Expect from My Hair Restoration?

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After a few months, you will notice that your hair looks healthier. Bald spots will be gone or at least less visible. With PRP injections, your hairline may become narrower, and you should see less shedding. Many of our Nashville hair restoration patients report an increase in self-confidence. In any hair restoration process, you may need additional sessions to achieve your desired results. Dr. O’Connor will do these sessions over several months.

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Why Should I Go to Harmony Facial Plastic Surgery for My Hair Restoration?

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Dr. O’Connor is a member of the American Academy of Facial Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, the American of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery, and the Tennessee Medical Society. If you are looking for hair restoration in Nashville, Kate O’Connor, M.D., is a trained and skilled surgeon who customizes the procedure for your needs and can reduce your recovery time with her focus on holistic healing.

When you decide to explore the surgical refinement of a facial feature, our goal at Harmony Facial Plastic Surgery is to begin your journey as a united team. We take our role in your care, happiness, and confidence to heart and strive to make your entire experience smooth and empowering. We will answer all your questions and help you understand your options to make the best decisions for yourself with a clear vision of your aesthetic goal in mind. We’re here to help you achieve your most confident self.

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