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Do you have a small chin? Does it lack projection?

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The Cambridge Dictionary defines chinless as “having a very small chin, sometimes thought of as a sign of a weak character.” Throughout history, a prominent chin was thought of as attractive and in some cases, brave or noble. Is it any wonder that most of us would prefer to have a chin that is the ideal size? If you are dissatisfied with the shape and size of your chin and located in Nashville chin augmentation, as well as chin reduction, is available through the services of Dr. Kate O’Connor, a specially trained and experienced facial plastic surgeon.

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What is Chin Augmentation?

Nashville Chin Augmentation

Chin augmentation can take many forms, both surgical and nonsurgical. Insertion of synthetic implants can reshape, enlarge, or push the chin forward so it is more prominent, and the neck and jawline become more defined. Fillers can also be used. This is a non-surgical procedure, done with an injection of hyaluronic acid, which your body naturally clears over time. Chin reduction can be done through surgery that either shaves excess bone or moves the bone backward.

Benefits of Chin Augmentation

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Chin augmentation or reduction can give you a well-defined jawline, making your face more proportional and balanced with the other parts of your face. Sometimes chin augmentation is recommended for those having rhinoplasty to balance the chin and the nose in particular. The procedure can also fix any asymmetry in your chin. It can help correct a weak chin making it more prominent. If a double chin is a problem, it might be best treated with a facelift, neck lift or liposuction to remove excess fat and tighten the skin.

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Am I a Candidate for Chin Augmentation?

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You are a good candidate for chin augmentation if you are a healthy, non-smoker with no underlying conditions that might make healing difficult. If you have been dissatisfied with the appearance of your chin and understand the expected results, you will benefit from this procedure. Dr. Kate O'Connor strives to deliver the best chin augmentation Nashville has to offer and has the expertise and training to provide the results you want.

What Happens During a Chin Augmentation Procedure?

Chin Augmentation Consultation

Dr. O’Connor will first spend time listening to what you hope to achieve with your chin surgery. She will evaluate your overall health. She will also ask about any medications and supplements you are taking. She will discuss options and the likely outcomes of the chin augmentation procedure. She will take measurements of your chin to ensure the implant is the correct size and shape and analyze your face to ensure the end result is balanced.

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Chin implants are made from a biomaterial, a substance that is suitable for use in living tissue. Most chin implants are made with silicone. Your implant will be molded to fit around your chin bone. Dr. O’Connor will also discuss the type of anesthesia that will be used. This surgery can be done with local anesthesia and medication to relax you or done under twilight anesthesia depending on the complexity of the procedure.

Chin Augmentation Procedure

The chin augmentation procedure itself starts with the administration of general or local anesthesia. Dr. O’Connor will make a small incision underneath the chin or inside the mouth. With this incision, she will make space for the chin implant. She then contours the implant to the proper shape for your face and aesthetic goals and fits it around the bone of your chin.

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The chin augmentation procedure normally takes under an hour, but the length of the surgery will depend on what you are having done. After surgery, the incision is closed with sutures. The chin will likely be bandaged, and Dr. O’Connor will explain the expected recovery process.

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What Can I Expect During Recovery from Chin Augmentation?

Recovery in Nashville

Every chin augmentation is customized for your needs so recovery will be different for each patient. You will need to sleep on your back with your head elevated. Any discomfort is usually minimal and can be alleviated with pain medication and cold compresses.

Most of our Nashville chin augmentation patients are ready to get back to normal activities within a week. Strenuous activities may have to wait two weeks. The length of time of recovery will be dependent on the extent of the procedure done, but Dr. O’Connor’s holistic, integrative approach to recovery will significantly improve your healing. She uses therapies such as acupuncture and supplements to speed up the restorative process. If you are looking for chin augmentation in Nashville, Kate O’Connor, M.D., will give you the results and the chin you have always wished for.

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What Results Can I Expect from My Chin Augmentation?

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Once the bandages are removed you will see an immediate improvement. Your chin will look even better after any swelling has diminished. These results are permanent.

Remember we continue to age, but your new chin shape and size will not change. A chin implant can also help preserve or restore a youthful jawline and angle of the neck through better support of the skin and tissue of the neck. You will have a more defined chin and jawline, designed to balance the rest of your face. Many patients report an increased level of self-confidence once they have their ideal chin.

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Why Should I Go to Harmony Facial Plastic Surgery for my Chin Augmentation?

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For chin augmentation in Nashville, putting yourself in the capable hands of Dr. Kate O’Connor can bring you the results you want. She will listen to your preferences and recommend the best approach, whether it is injectable fillers or implants or other surgical procedures to augment or reduce the size of your chin. Her holistic approach to recovery makes downtime shorter and with less discomfort. She is a member of the American Academy of Facial Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, the American of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery, and the Tennessee Medical Society. Contact Dr. O’Connor for a consultation to determine if a chin augmentation is right for you

When you decide to explore the surgical refinement of a facial feature, our goal at Harmony Facial Plastic Surgery is to begin your journey as a united team. We take our role in your care, happiness, and confidence to heart and strive to make your entire experience smooth and empowering. We will answer all your questions and help you understand your options to make the best decisions for yourself with a clear vision of your aesthetic goal in mind. We’re here to help you achieve your most confident self.

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