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Do people think you look unhappy all the time?

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A lifetime of expressions takes its toll on our foreheads. Those wrinkles across our forehead make us look angry or unhappy. We seem to be frowning all the time. And the position of our eyebrows makes us look older and less alert. Are you looking tired even when you are well-rested? In Nashville brow lift surgery from Dr. Kate O’Connor may be exactly what you need to align your expression with your actual emotions.

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What is a Brow Lift?

Nashville Brow Lift

A brow lift, sometimes called a temporal brow lift or forehead lift, is a plastic surgery procedure designed to reduce the effects of aging on your forehead and over your eyes. Over time, the soft tissues that cover the area above our eyes tend to droop.

Horizontal lines start to form across our forehead, and vertical lines show up between the eyebrows. The daily emotions that play out on your face create these lines. These signs start to show up as you approach forty. Heredity and the condition of your skin play a part as well. A brow lift can correct these problems, reversing the effects of gravity and time. The brow lift removes excess sagging skin on the forehead and repositioning the underlying tissues and muscles. Dr. Kate O’Connor offers brow lifts in Nashville where she is one of the few female plastic surgeons.

Benefits of a Brow Lift

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A brow lift can reduce the wrinkles in the top part of your face – both the ones across your forehead, the ones between your eyes, and at the corners of your eyes. If you have ever been told you look tired or unhappy or even angry, you and everyone around you will see an improvement.

In addition, a brow lift can raise sagging brows that cause hoods over your eyes. For some, this is simply a cosmetic concern. Others with more severe brow hooding may need a brow lift to improve their field of vision. You may find that the people around you find you more sociable and accessible. You will look more alert and rested. Best of all, your self-confidence may improve since you won’t have to worry about coming across as unhappy, and the natural brightness of your eyes will shine.

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Am I a Candidate for a Brow Lift?

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You are a good candidate for a brow lift if you are a healthy, non-smoker with no underlying conditions that might make healing difficult.

You will need to have realistic expectations and a positive attitude. The brow lift is a solution for you if you are bothered by perpetual furrows in your forehead. Dr. Kate O'Connor strives to deliver the best brow lift Nashville has to offer. She is experienced in providing the procedure that will help reduce the signs of aging and make your forehead look smoother and more youthful.

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What Happens During a Brow Lift Consultation?

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Dr. O’Connor will first spend time listening to what you hope to achieve with plastic surgery. She will evaluate your overall health, discuss your options, and what to expect from the procedure.

During your consultation, Dr. O'Connor will analyze your skin texture and elasticity. She’ll deep dive into your diet, supplements, and any medications you are taking. She will also discuss the type of anesthesia that will be used during the brow lift, including twilight anesthesia if requested, and outline the expected recovery process. There are additional procedures that might be a better fit for your needs including lateral temporal lift (also known as a mini-brow lift.) Dr. O’Connor will help you determine which procedure is right for you.

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Why Should I Go to Harmony Facial Plastic Surgery for my Brow Lift?

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For a brow lift in Nashville, having a surgeon you can trust who has a feminine eye for beauty like Dr. O’Connor can make a huge difference in your results.

She is a member of the American Academy of Facial Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, the American of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery, and the Tennessee Medical Society. Dr. O'Connor takes the time to find out exactly what outcome you desire, ensuring the ideal procedure is used. Her holistic approach makes recovery a much more natural and comfortable process. Contact Dr. O’Connor for a consultation to determine if a brow lift is right for you.

The Brow Lift Procedure

Brow Lift in Nashville

At the start of your brow lift, you will be given anesthesia for the procedure that usually lasts one to two hours. Incisions typically are made behind your hairline. Your forehead is then lifted into a new position and the extra skin is removed. Dr. O’Connor’s technique is accomplished by going under the muscle to create longer-lasting, more comprehensive results.

What Results Can I Expect from My Brow Lift?

Results in Nashville

You will see the improvements in your forehead soon after your brow lift recovery. The reduction of lines will result in a more youthful look and a forehead that more closely aligns with your actual emotions. As you continue to age, the skin on your forehead may droop again. Sun damage should be avoided. And a good skincare regimen will prolong the beneficial results.

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What Can I Expect During Recovery from a Brow Lift?

Brow Lift in Nashville

After the brow lift, your forehead may be loosely wrapped to reduce any swelling. You will initially need to be careful to keep your head elevated. You may apply cold compresses, but you will want to avoid any excessive pressure. You can expect a follow-up visit with Dr. O’Connor after the surgery and you will be advised to call if you experience any unusual problems or simply have any concerns.

Dr. O’Connor follows a holistic, integrative approach to recovery from any plastic surgery. This style will significantly improve your recuperation. She uses therapies such as acupuncture and supplements to speed up the healing process. As a result, you will experience reduced swelling and pain. If you are looking for a Brow Lift in Nashville, with Kate O’Connor, M.D., you will find a trained and skilled surgeon who customizes the procedure for your needs. The healing process may take several weeks for the swelling and bruising to fully disappear. Once you have healed, the incisions will be barely noticeable since they are hidden in the hairline. Dr. O’Connor will give you detailed instructions on post-operative care.

When you decide to explore the surgical refinement of a facial feature, our goal at Harmony Facial Plastic Surgery is to begin your journey as a united team. We take our role in your care, happiness, and confidence to heart and strive to make your entire experience smooth and empowering. We will answer all your questions and help you understand your options to make the best decisions for yourself with a clear vision of your aesthetic goal in mind. We’re here to help you achieve your most confident self.

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