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As we get older, our faces start to lose the full, youthful look we once had. Part of this is the aging process; part is gravity. The fat in our faces starts to disappear, and the skin starts to sag and becomes wrinkled and lax. Facial fat grafting can be an excellent solution to restore sunken cheeks and temples.

It can be used to help shape and contour your face to improve the overall balance. It can also be performed to smooth the lines under your eye and plump your lips. The procedure takes your own fat from other places on your body to fill those areas in your face. Nashville facial fat grafting results can be accomplished by Dr. Kate O’Connor, an extensively trained facial plastic surgeon, who focuses on achieving a natural appearance.

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What is Facial Fat Grafting?

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Facial fat grafting, also known as autologous facial fat transfer, lipofilling, or fat injections, is an out-patient, minimally invasive surgical treatment that uses fat from other areas of your body, usually your thigh, hips, or stomach. Since it is your own fat that is used, there is a much lower chance of an allergic reaction to the filler. Fat is removed from the donor area and then purified. The purified fat is placed into a syringe and microdroplets are injected into the areas of your face that need to be filled.

Benefits of Facial Fat Grafting

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Facial fat grafting can rejuvenate your face, smoothing out the contours and reducing wrinkles. The major benefit is that most people have fewer reactions to facial fat grafting than when using synthetic fillers, and a fat transfer is generally a permanent solution. Fat is an excellent source of stem cells and the injections themselves can boost the production of collagen, the protein that helps our skin’s resilience. As a result, the injections can continue to have positive effects long after the treatment. Your skin will continue to heal and improve. Facial fat grafting can be used in conjunction with other procedures such as facelifts.

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Am I a Candidate for Facial Fat Grafting?

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You are a good candidate for facial fat grafting if you are a healthy, non-smoker with no underlying conditions that might make healing difficult. You will need to have realistic expectations of what look you can achieve with this procedure. Dr. Kate O'Connor strives to offer the best facial fat grafting Nashville has to offer. She has extensive training and a commitment to producing that look of vitality and authenticity you want.

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What Happens During Facial Fat Grafting Procedures?

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Dr. O’Connor will first spend time listening to your desire for your facial appearance. She will evaluate your overall health. She will discuss the various treatments that you can choose for filling areas of your face. She will explain the steps involved in facial fat transfer.

She will determine the best site for collecting the fat. You will be given local anesthesia and oral sedation. You may also request twilight sedation. Dr. O’Connor will make a small incision in the area and an extremely thin, hollow tube connected to a vacuum under negative pressure will pull out the fat. This process is like that used for liposuction.

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The next step is to put the fat into a centrifuge which will pull out any impurities. The purified fat is put in syringes. Your face is numbed, and the syringes are injected into the area where you want more volume. The injections are passed in and out of the area until the desired look is achieved. The facial fat grafting process may take from 15 minutes to an hour, depending on how much treatment is needed.

What Can I Expect During Recovery from Facial Fat Grafting?

Recovery in Nashville

After the surgery, you may have some swelling, numbness, or tenderness for a few days. You may have an overfilled look temporarily due to swelling. You may want to limit your social activities for a few days, but you can resume your regular schedule within a week.

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Dr. O’Connor’s holistic, integrative approach to recovery reduces your downtime appreciably. She employs therapies such as acupuncture to decrease pain and accelerate the healing process. If you are in Nashville facial fat grafting from Dr. Kate O’Connor will restore your youthful countenance with a minimum of discomfort.

What Results Can I Expect from Facial Fat Grafting?

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You will see immediate results. Facial fat grafting is a long-lasting solution that reduces deep folds and wrinkles. The treated areas will have increased volume. In many cases, the skin quality will improve and will be smoother. Minor irregularities should be corrected. Rarely, the body absorbs some of the fat that was transferred. If this is the case, additional fat can be placed. After that, the facial fat grafting improvements will be permanent.

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Why Should I Go to Dr. Kate O’Connor for Facial Fat Grafting?

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Kate O’Connor, MD, is a member of the American Academy of Facial Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, the American of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery, and the Tennessee Medical Society. Dr. O’Connor is a recovery specialist and uses her special approach to ensure the optimum results, carefully and thoughtfully designed just for you. If facial fat grafting in Nashville is an option you are interested in, set up an appointment with Dr. O’Connor.

When you decide to explore the surgical refinement of a facial feature, our goal at Harmony Facial Plastic Surgery is to begin your journey as a united team. We take our role in your care, happiness, and confidence to heart and strive to make your entire experience smooth and empowering. We will answer all your questions and help you understand your options to make the best decisions for yourself with a clear vision of your aesthetic goal in mind. We’re here to help you achieve your most confident self.

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