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Our Sponsored Pups

Who Rescued Who? Meet Our Sponsored Pups

Harmony Facial Plastic Surgery + Music City Animal Rescue

Dr. O'Connor and the entire team at Harmony Facial Plastic Surgery are passionate about not only our work but also about supporting the community in a wide variety of ways. For this reason, we recently partnered with Music City Animal Rescue to help several pups who were in desperate need of some TLC.

What is the Music City Animal Rescue?

Music City Animal Rescue provides a loving and nurturing environment for animals who have been abused or abandoned. Their network of foster-based caregivers is made up of dedicated individuals who provide a loving and nurturing environment for these animals until they find their permanent homes. The animals taken in for care by Music City Animal Rescue are also socialized with humans, cats, and dogs at just the right time to ensure they are confident and comfortable in many environments. The ultimate goal of Music City Animal Rescue is to unite them with the loving, forever families they truly deserve.


Our Sponsored Pups

After Charlie's dog dad passed away, his family sadly didn't have a place for Charlie. Charlie faced some health challenges, including a grade four heart murmur, high blood pressure, and severe nosebleeds, which led to the need for care from an emergency vet. After proper care and an update in his medication, he's comfortably settling into his forever foster home. Charlie is an exceptionally gentle and well-behaved boy who is easy-going and stays out of trouble. Because of his need for crucial medications, Charlie wouldn't have thrived in a shelter environment, and his survival would have been at risk. While his prognosis spans from one year to 18 months, what's most important is that he's receiving the love and care he truly deserves.


Our Sponsored Pups

Sweet, 10-year-old chihuahua, Lola, was left at an animal control facility by individuals who claimed they found her, though it's suspected that they might have been her owners who were unwilling to continue to address her health concerns. At the facility, they discovered she had a low-grade heart murmur and significant dental issues, with her teeth in such poor condition that some were falling out. Swift action was taken by MCAR to provide her with the necessary veterinary care, including medication. Within just a week, Lola found herself in the loving arms of her new mom, who resides in an assisted living facility and specifically sought a senior companion, making Lola the perfect match.


Our Sponsored Pups

Mercy is a precious soul who found herself in a facility where the shelter team initially suspected that Mercy might have a contagious disease. After an extensive series of tests, including punch biopsies and the use of tramadol, along with several months at the shelter, with no one coming forward to assist her, MCAR stepped in to help. After thorough assessments, it was determined that Mercy has an autoimmune condition that primarily affects her skin and requires life-long prednisone for management. Mercy is an incredibly lovable girl, safe in foster care but still seeking a loving forever home.


Our Sponsored Pups

Alfred, affectionately known as Alf, is a remarkable 14-year-old pup who came into Metro Animal Control during a severe rainstorm. Alf's initial appearance was quite disheartening, and upon closer examination, it was discovered that Alf was completely deaf, dealing with cataracts, and had to undergo the removal of a staggering 24 teeth. After some initial challenges and depression, Alf's spirit has been transformed, and he has learned to navigate dog life with the help of his loving foster family. His foster dad especially developed a deep bond with Alf and feels privileged to have Alf spend his golden years on their farm.


Our Sponsored Pups

Maybelline was found caring for her six puppies at a construction site and was overwhelmed with fear. Still highly cautious but gradually making progress, MCAR extended their help to Maybelline, or May, who remains a beautiful work in progress. Maybelline would have faced limited chances if she were left in the shelter, given her deeply withdrawn state. With each passing day, her trust in humans grows, and hopefully, someday soon, she will be confident enough to find a loving forever home of her own.

Learn More About Our Involvement With the Music City Animal Rescue Today

We are so honored to be a sponsor of the "Golden Guardians" program at MCAR, which helps contribute specifically to dogs who are in their "golden years" and might be passed up at a shelter due to age. We believe everyone should be able to age gracefully! Learn more about our community involvement by visiting our office and asking us about this and other organizations we support.

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